Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Godless Generation"

I was reading about internet phenomena the other day, and I found out about the 'puppy-throwing marine' youtube video. For the sake of time I'll assume that title is descriptive enough. Anyway so this video got banned because a puppy dying was seen as offensive. Then I saw a video from a girl named 'angie the anti-theist' filming her abortion (she did it by pill). What does this say about our culture? That people think a puppy's life is more valuable and it's death is more offensive than the murder of a child.

The Vulgate quotes St. Peter speaking in the Spirit at Pentecost saying "salvamini a generatione ista prava" - Save yourselves from this perverse generation. Another translation says: "godless generation".

I was in my Existentialist philosophy class and after I asked if Sartre had any logical argument for Atheism and she replied 'no but it's just a generally accepted premise that he doesn't".

I was reading Karl Rahner's work on the Trinity and in it he was arguing against traditional Catholic theology. This is a man people apparently say is a 'hero' of the faith. The "textbook" theologians as he calls them, were the real heroes.

All of this has made me better understand this command to save ourselves from this godless generation. This is another reason I'd like to completely do so and maybe become a priest, to be completely removed from this culture's values and be a living image of Christ. What a job?! But how incredibly difficult...

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  1. I'm still praying for you to discern this, Andrew. May God bless you and Our Lady protect you.