Friday, March 5, 2010


The great thing about desperation and fear is that it brings you to prayer. I agree with St. Thomas (Aquinas) who said that sometimes God allows us to fall into minor sins so that we realize we need him and do not committ the greatest sin of pride. I am constantly reminded of how much I need God, and how true all those ugly looking pictures are, hung in every church in our parish, Jesus with rainbows shooting out of his chest with the words "Jesus I trust in you". Ugly pictures aside, that's a beautiful Catholic truth (and Protestant truth as it is their main point), that we must trust God with everything. I'm just rambling now.


  1. Yes, very true! It's something I've contemplated many times while wandering in the Desert, and it never fails to give some consolation.

    P.S. Those "ugly pictures," are of the Divine Mercy. You should check out St. Faustina Kowalska's diaries sometime. It's quite a story, and I (perhaps obviously!) tend to have a devotion to God's Mercy! :)

  2. ya i'll add it to the list of stuff I need to read.

    And it's not the devotion to Divine Mercy that troubles me, it's the artwork.