Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For Saint George!

Tonight, I had to write an essay on the witches of Pendle Hill and I was frantic and desperate. It's 4000 words and due at 9am wednesday (in less than 8 hours). I was super stressed tonight and decided to just take late penalties and hand it in Wednesday night. However I became extremely worried I still wouldn't finish it in that time. After I got home from work, I was more stressed than I'd been all year long. I almost cried and I almost went straight to bed. But I remembered St. Escriva's "Esto Vir!"/Be a Man, and I decided I would try to get 1000 words done in 3-4 hours.

I sat down in my chair with my computer and said "Saint George pray for me!" not knowing what else to pray. In 2 hours, I got 1500 words written for my essay, an astonishing feat. I'm now more than halfway done (I had already finished 1000 words this afternoon), and have a clear path to follow, and 4 hours tomorrow to complete it with only a 3% late penalty.

This probably seemed like a stupid story to you, not really that remarkable, not that exciting, but for me - It was a miracle. It turned my worst day of the year, into a hopeful attitude about tomorrow.

Thanks be to God for the intercession of St. George (the Patron of England).

One last note is that in a recent episode of "The Tudors", King Henry VIII leads a battle charge to capture the French city of Boulogne, and he cries "For England, for King Henry, for Saint George!"

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