Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Be Reconciled to God"

I have followed the apostolic exhortation of St. Paul this week almost to the point of clerical annoyance.

I've been to Reconciliation 3 times (Sat, Thu, tonight) and despite the annoyance of the priest, it has been so good for my soul.

I feel so empty (in a good way), my soul feels like a cleaned room.

Tonight I was called and told that I didn't have to come into work this evening, and so I rushed to confession. I feel like I am in a shower of God's grace and I'm so thankful. Tomorrow I get to recieve Our Lord with my friend and I'm NOT going to screw it up tonight.

The sacraments are so wonderful that I feel like a child at Christmas around them. It embarrassed someone in our group the other day when I almost jumped for joy at the chance to receive the Eucharist.

I am not saying any of this to sound holy, a holy person wouldn't have needed reconciliation 3 times in a single week. I'm a troubled child of God, but I am quite joyful today, I feel like St. Therese of Lisieux, a victim of God's mercy.

There is nothing like knowing God's grace courses through your soul, even though you can never deserve or merit it. Jesus is awesome.

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  1. I 'm so happy for you Andrew, and I know what you mean about jumping for joy in anticipation of the sacraments. So many times when I leave the confessional I feel as though my feet aren't touching the ground. Then I remember that some people thought that at the first Pentecost some people thought that the Apostles were drunk: such is the power of the Holy Ghost. May Almighty God continue to shower you with His grace, all through the beautiful hands of Our Lady.