Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Marian Prayers

I know it annoys the Protestant readers, I'm sorry, but Marian devotion is a large part of Catholic spirituality, so I'm going to post stuff on it. I've sort of been trying to understand the catholic doctrine of Mary as mediatrix lately, and Newman has been helpful as usual. Currently I'm in grave sin and so these might reflect that reality (Our Lady obtain for me a good death). Marian devotion (mainly the rosary) in the last year for me has been the main change in my spiritual life.

"You will comfort me in my discouragements,
solace me in my fatigues,
raise me after my falls...
You will show me your Son,
my God and my all.
When my spirit within me is excited,
or relaxed,
or depressed,
when it loses its balance,
when it is restless and wayward,
when it is sick of what it has,
and hankers after what it has not,
when my eye is solicited with evil
and my mortal frame trembles
under the shadow of the tempter,
what will bring me to myself,
to peace and health,
but the cool breath
of the Immaculate..." -Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman

"I pray also that, at the end of my life,
you, Mother without compare,
Gate of Heaven and Advocate of sinners,
will protect me with your great piety and mercy.

and obtain for me,
through the blessed and glorious Passion of your Son
and through your own intercession,
received in hope,
the forgiveness of all my sins. "- St. Thomas Aquinas


  1. What a beautiful post, Andrew! I may be repeating myself, but a wise priest once told me that to hold the Rosary is to hold Our Blessed Mother's hand; and she will never let you fall. Our Lord said as He was dying on the cross, "Son, behold thy Mother." How can we ever love Our Lady too much when Our Blessed Lord Himself has given Her to us? May God bless you and grant you many signal graces during this holy Easter week.

  2. You aren't repeating yourself, thanks for the comment.

  3. Hi Andrew!
    Why do you need Mary's intercession?
    God bless,