Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Henri Nouwen of the Day

Hi all, I've been doing quite well, had alot of work done for our campus ministries and the Newman Club this year. I've just been accepted at McMaster University in Hamilton, for an MA in History. My focus will be British Catholic history ie. Recusants! And to think it all started with this blog.

I remember my first Lent and how my mother bought me a devotion book from the only Catholic author she knew 'was a Christian', the late Father Henri Nouwen (who is highly popular amongst Evangelicals). Since that first Lent I have tried to incorporate Nouwen each year in some way to my Lenten devotions. I read in his book this morning:

"Be sure that God will truly fulfill all your needs... It will help you not to expect that fulfillment from people who you already know are incapable of giving it."

(He always had those awesome Vatican II-era hippy vestments, righteous!)

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