Monday, December 20, 2010

Portrait of an Artist

My friend Danny Fast (who is an artist) found out that I was famous (If you search "English Recusants" I am on the second page of google images), and decided to do some art for the blog. He did a sketch of me today with charcoal in the same pose and style as the blessed Cardinal Newman, and I decided that his picture looked more like Eric Gill (the artist who worked on Westminster Cathedral), and after finding out that Gill was quite a sinner in the sexual realm even though he professed the Roman Catholic religion, I thought it was fitting to place myself somewhere between the saint and sinner, both in a sense quasi-Recusants like myself. Anyway, the scan that I did of the sketch really doesn't do it justice, but here it is:

I also found I looked like Chesterton in this picture:

Note: Alot of people would say Gill was a horrific totally unCatholic man for the things he did. While admitting he was indeed a sinner, I feel more in line with the Rector of Westminster Cathedral who merely says he was shocked with the inconsistencies in his life and says a prayer for his soul everytime he sees the art he did.

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