Friday, December 17, 2010

Final Exams, Chesterton, and the Troubles during Christmas

"I can only express the hope, and indeed the confidence, that those
who regard me as the heretic will hardly blame me for expressing my
own convictions, and certainly not for expressing my hero's convictions." - G.K. Chesterton writing on St. Thomas Aquinas

Christmas is a terrible time at the Cottrill house. It is the beginning of a seasonal return to what I like to call "the Troubles". Battles over the perpetual virginity of Mary, the alleged 'pagan' origin of Christmas, and the liturgical calendar in general. For this reason, and for their hardness towards my frequent explanations, I have practically banned my parents from Midnight Mass, the debates in the car ride home after our bishop grants us an indulgence or something, usually almost leads us into a Christmas car wreck. Chesterton's quotation reminded me of that.

They are even worse after this years temporary reversion to Anglicanism, which brought them so much joy.

Today I am still surviving off of the stress of completing a final essay, and going to my last exam. Though after that, who knows what will happen, freedom usually leads me to all sorts of moral and spiritual evils. I can only hope that Christ will give me his Spirit this Christmas, and keep me in his grace, which I spurn so frequently.

I need to take comfort in the promises of Sacred Scripture if I wish to survive the season. It will be the opening battle in another year of spiritual combat, and I pray the Lord give me strength.

"because you know that in the Lord your labour is not in vain" - 1 Corinthians 15:58

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