Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Feast of St. Edward the Confessor

Today (Oct 13) is the feast of St. Edward the Confessor for Roman Catholics and Anglicans.

St. Edward was not a king as most of us imagine medieval royalty. He lived a very tough life in Normandy and England, and was controlled mostly by Earl Godwin, arguably the most powerful man in the realm. He had all the Earldoms but Mercia, and he forced his daughter upon St. Edward who had already vowed to remain a chaste penitent. Understandably so, St. Edward is remembered as the patron of difficult marriages.

After his death, the English crown was disputed and the Norman invasion occurred in 1066.

Edward the Confessor to me is the reminder of someone who faced such incredible struggles and pressures, and turned to God to find solace, trusting in the kingdom of Christ rather than his own kingdom of England.

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