Monday, March 29, 2010

Rosary and Rushing Aroung

I've been rushing around with work and school and a thousand (read 3) essays piling up. I haven't found much time for anything recently except the completion of vain and meaningless essays for school and sin. So it hasn't been a good start to holy week.

After a year of being Catholic (this saturday) I still find the most annoying thing in the Church is that there's never Confession anywhere. The Sacrament of Reconcilliation is like the Waldo in the Where's Waldo of Catholicism.

Anyway, aside from my griping about that, I only have one other gripe. The vocations director won't call or email me back about meeting to discuss priest stuff, and my dad is getting antsy with questions.

In all of this, the only peace I have (until I can locate another elusive confessional & priest) is Prayer / the Rosary.

As the saints say Marian devotion is "the safest, surest and swiftest path to a true and lasting commitment to Christ". I also read an amazing part of JPII's encyclical on Mary that I'll have to quote when I have more time.

Our Lady of Mercy, watch over me this week.

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