Saturday, February 20, 2010

Canada's Newest Saint

I really don't care about the Olympics, an orgy of flesh-worship based on pagan religion, and a further financial burden to our country and what have you. I get annoyed as people keep telling me "we" won another medal. Well I have something else that I find more exciting that "we" now have.

Papa Benny said this week that Canada is getting another saint! Brother Andre! (He even shares my name) of Montreal

I love his story. He was an orphan and he became a lay brother in the Church, and worked as a janitor, and prayed for people and they were healed by God through him. Just the thought that God has and does work through the most everyday people, in the lowest stations of life in such a miraculous way. It inspires me, and reminds me of Jesus (which is what the saints are meant to).

I'm excited because our Newman club is thinking about doing a pilgrimage on the day he is officially canonized.


  1. Oh, Andrew,if you get to Brother Andre's shrine, please say a prayer there for me. He has long been one of my favorites--he's an anscestor of a dear friend of mine--and I have tried to spread devotion to him for nearly ten years now. I have a little statue of him near my front door--he's our porter--so that through his intercession we are safe at home. May God bless you, and congratulations on your new patron! Saint Andre, pray for us.

  2. I will for sure, I really want to be there on the day he's canonized.

    I hope he understands blogger in the beatific vision and will be able to pray for whoever 'Kindred Spirit' may be. Just joking.