Friday, January 1, 2010

Why Are All The Good Catholics Condemned... (don't answer that Protestantism)

I find that every time I read a theologian or philosopher who brilliantly defends the Roman Church against Protestantism and has a real flair, I later find out that our Mother Church has rewarded them with condemnation.

Cornelius Jansen and Blaise Pascal for sure, and to a lesser extent, Peter Kreeft, Hans Urs Von Balthasar. I think it's almost like they're just Augustinians (minus Balthasar) and the Church keeps mistaking Augustine for Luther or something (except read mistaking as not mistaking as the Church can't doctrinally err).

Anyway, add to the list Francois Fenelon. A great orator who helped convert Huguenots and Jansenists back to the Roman cause, and his great reward was: multiple condemnations from Rome and diocesal house arrest... even though the minute his writings were condemned by the Magesterium he submitted completely. (Just like when Jansen said that if any of his writing contradicted the Church he would recant it).

It wouldn't really be such a problem for me, if the Church actually produced good orthodox writers, but it seems -contra Chesterton- that the only orthodoxy available is boredom. Get too excited about any idea, and the Church will condemn it. It's kind of a monument to Lukewarmness.

Anyway, the Church is still Christ's even if she didn't produce alot of good orthodox theologians between 1600 and 1900. And as all these men teach us, we must submit, even if our most precious personal opinions are removed from us.

Strangely enough Marian devotion (which I am in no way against) is the only available option to 'go nuts' with. I've never heard of someone in our Church being condemned for being too Marian. But quote St. Augustine on Predestination or Grace and you'll get shafted.

Requiem in Pace Fenelon.

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