Saturday, January 16, 2010

Soul Renovation, Confession, Good Death

I'm hoping to go to Confession today at 4. It's been a month, and my soul needs renovation more than those people's homes on TLC. But I have an ominous feeling today. So if I die before I get there, readers of this blog being my only Catholic acquiantances, try and get some kind of absolution for me. In Brideshead Revisited they mention that last rites are given if the body is still warm (it's in jest). And I know indulgences can't remit unconfessed sin, but when we 'develop' that doctrine to get past that point, I expect someone to get me one. I'll give you all my Calvin & Hobbes comics if you do.

I'm just joking.

Nah I'm sure I'll be fine, and live to complain and joke about my beloved religion another day.

All the stuff we're learning in my Existentialist philosophy class is making me think about the medieval preoccupation with a good death. I pray for one quite often. Though once I prayed for 6 months that I would stay together with a girl I was dating because John Ortberg said it would work, and it didn't. But I was a heretic then after all :)

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