Saturday, November 28, 2009

funny and true

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  1. Hey Andrew,

    I saw another post you made but then I think removed and wanted to mention something about it. I have read about three stages in one's journey of faith: The way of purification, the way of illumination, and finally the way of union. These are handled in a devotional book called My Daily Bread which I highly recommend to you.

    In the way of purification, we are still trying to rid ourselves by God's grace of all grave sin. Even though we are Catholics and striving to live like Christ, we sin, sometimes seriously. Christ knows it; the Church knows it; forgiveness is offered every time, even when our contrition is not perfect and we "know" that we will commit the same sins again. We are repentant and trust God forgives us through the ministry of his Church.

    The power of habit is strong: But as you overcome these vices, the opposite virtues will become habitual instead, helping you avoid serious sin. The grace truly does build, even when we have failed for (literally) the thousandth time.

    In spite of the sins that still plague us, we can live our faith truly through our actions. You do many good things by God's grace; it is a trick of the Devil to try to convince you that because you are struggling to overcome sin in one area, you are doing absolutely nothing worthwhile or good. He would take one failure and try to trump one hundred successes with it.

    Anyways, I need to run. God bless you and keep trying no matter what.